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Providing a broad array of services that cater to group health and life insurance policies, comprising personalized plan configurations, extensive benefits packages, wellness initiatives, and ancillary services, with the objective of rendering reasonably priced healthcare and financial security for staff and their loved ones.

Covered California For Small Business Benefits:

An employer-sponsored health plan comes with several benefits, including the convenience of having your employer choose the plan options for you. Additionally, your employer may share the cost of premiums with you, and your portion of the premium can be automatically deducted from your paycheck each pay period.

(Covered California for Small Business Change Request Form for Employers ) Contributions from your employer towards premiums are not subjected to federal taxes, and you can also make your contributions pre-tax, which can reduce your taxable income. Lastly, your employer provides policy documents and can answer any questions you may have about your plan.


Who Is Eligible?

You are eligible for Covered California for Small Business if:

  • You have at least one but no more than 100 eligible employees and meet certain contribution and participation requirements.
  • You have at least one employee who receives a W-2
  • The majority of your eligible employees live in California.

You are eligible for Covered California for Small Business if you have 100 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees. If you are a sole proprietor, with no W-2-receiving employees, you may be eligible to purchase coverage through Covered California’s individual marketplace.

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Life Insurance

The following is a brief list of some of the other factors that you will need to consider when comparing products and life insurance companies: Company Financial Strength: Not all life insurance companies are the same. Some are very large financially, some are small. Some companies are in better financial condition than others. The longer the level term period, the more important it is to consider how healthy and strong the life insurance company is. Make sure that you ask your agent for information about the financial ratings for the companies that you are considering.

Premium Guarantees

Are the premiums for the policy fully guaranteed? Not all companies fully guarantee the initial premium for the entire level period. If two products have the same price, but one is guaranteed while the other is not, the guaranteed product would be better.

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